Project Server 2007 - Queue Job "WSS Workspace Create" in Processing state & taking a long time

by Vishal 17. February 2011 06:11

To add to my list of frustrations with MSPS 2007 -

  1. I created a new project
  2. I saved It
  3. I published it
  4. I checked it in
  5. I went into PWA - Project Center - Hit the edit project properties button - I got a message box saying "This Project is currently checked out. No edits can be made to it while it is checked out."
  6. I checked in Project Center and sure enough - the project shows checked out to me - but I checked it in!
  7. I reopened the project from Project professional and re-checked in.
  8. I went back to project center - still shows checked out to me!
  9. @!#%^$@!#%^

The answer was in the server settings - Enterprise Object Checkin. When I went to that list, I could see the project as being checked out to me with the state "Processing". This told me something about my checkin was still hed up. I went into Queue Management and it had the task "WSS Workspace Create" in "Processing" at 0 % and my checkin task was in the queue right after, held up by the "WSS Workspace Create" task.

Aparently, the first time I publish a project and check it in with the option set to create a workspace - the "WSS Workspace Create" gets created and takes a long time holding up the task queue for other tasks.

I have no idea what it is doing, why its taking that long and why it should hold up project check in. I just know that it does. To raise frustrations, I can already visit the project workspace site so I know its already created and available!!

I don't see anything in the ULS logs either hat may indicate foul behavior.

Is this normal? Does anyone face the same behavior in their production environments? Do you have any other insight on this? I'd love to hear about it.




After banging my head over this issue for a couple of days, I finally resolved it. The issue was due to 2 problems with the environment. I'll list them below.

1. A feature enabled of the base template for project workspace sites was not installed completely on one of the web servers in the farm. The result was that during the creation of the workspace site, because of a missing file in the features folder, sometimes the workspace could not get created and led to an error crreating workspace email being sent to the project owner and a failed entry in the server queue.

2. In our security security template for team members, every team member had been given access to project workspaces in the category "My Organization". Since this category contained all of the projects in the enterprise, this basically meant that all users needed to have access to all of the project workspaces created in the enterprise. Well guess what would happen whenever a project workspace had to be created? the Queue job to create the workspace and sync user permissions from the security group to the workspace site had to add every single person in the team member group - which is basically the entire enterprise (in my case 8000 people!) No wonder the job needed some time to complete the first time a project workspace was provisioned.

We fixed the corrupt feature and modified our security templates. this fixed the issues we were having. The project workspace almost gets provisoned instantly - there are no failures and queue jobs are not failing on saving or publishing projects.

hope this helps somebody!

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Project Server 2007

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