Dynamic SQL - sp_executesql

by Vishal 10. July 2008 01:54

There are times when you just can’t avoid using dynamic SQL. Usually this is happens when you end up working with a poorly designed database backend. All developers have done it at some point of time and creation and execution of dynamic sql through business code is commonly seen. In TSQL, I’ve also seen many using the EXEC command to execute the dynamic sql. TOday, I found something I didn’t know about which is sp_executesql.

 sp_executesql came in SQL server 7 . You can use it not only to execute dynamic sql but what makes it great is that you can pass to your dynamic sql, parameters and yes… a parameter may be an out parameter!

 syntax: sp_executesql @stmt, @params, [@paramvalue1, @paramvalue2…]

Crude example:

DECLARE @TblName varchar(50)
DECLARE @ColValue int
set @ColValue=30 
set @tblName='MyTable'
sp_executesql 'Select * from ' + @MyTable +' where somecol = @ColVal' , '@ColVal int', @ColValue

Crude example with an out parameter:

DECLARE @TblName varchar(50)
DECLARE @ColValue int
DECLARE @CountReturned int
set @ColValue=30 
set @tblName='MyTable'
sp_executesql 'Select @Count = count (*) from ' + @MyTable +' where somecol = @ColVal' , '@ColVal int, @Count int out', @ColValue, @Count=@CountReturned output

Here is a great article on dynamic SQL :http://www.sommarskog.se/dynamic_sql.html



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Josh United Kingdom
4/15/2011 10:17:32 AM #

I wrote about this a while ago, sp_executesql can be such a handy stored procedure when you want to set a variable - www.geakeit.co.uk/.../

SQL geek
SQL geek Poland
2/23/2012 5:46:32 AM #

We should use dynamic SQL carefully - there are some risks associated with it: SQL injection. The example we can see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS3kpNavKM8

Nebojsa Gojnic
Nebojsa Gojnic United States
3/21/2012 12:39:44 AM #

Incorrect syntax near 'sp_executesql' is all I can get from both examples

Mihir Mukerji
Mihir Mukerji New Zealand
12/16/2012 10:27:11 AM #

@Nebojsa, that's because there needs to be an 'EXECUTE' or 'EXEC' command before the 'sp_executesql'

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